Flash and Function

Kraken… Who doesn’t want to yell “Release the KRAKEN!!” every time they open the drill caseBen Myers, Director of Facilities at Sacred Heart Medical Center

The Kraken cannot be contained

Quiet and effective

Have you ever tried to roto-hammer concrete to install a wedge anchor? If you have not actually used one yourself we urge you to borrow one and try it. How does it sound? We hope you were wearing ear plugs! The average rotary hammer (sometimes also called a hammer drill) puts out approximately 85 or more decibels. This level of sound frequently causes permanent hearing loss. The Kraken boasts a 40 decibel sound output, meaning you can use this tool all day long without hearing protection and not suffer hearing loss.

Build with minimal disruption

The Kraken lets you roto-hammer anywhere, anytime


    The intent of our design is to reduce this serious noise issue that has been hurting our construction crews. The CDC reports hearing loss claims from construction and mining crews averages about $242 million dollars annually.


    The average roto hammer consumes a fully charged 5 amp hour battery in approximately 30 minutes, The Kraken allows you to use your drill continuously for 1 hour, effectively doubling your battery life will still maintaining drilling efficiency.


    We know our tools get tossed into your job boxes and trucks at the end of the day. Our tools are built to endure the abuse construction crews inflict on their gear. We have sealed our electronics to prevent shorting and the exterior is made of a composite that is designed to handle severe impacts. If our tool breaks, your productivity plummets and we know that is unacceptable. We take pride in our work, and want YOU to be proud of carrying our tools. Our service and repair shop is located in the USA to ensure we address any issues quickly.

  • Flair

    Why are construction tools always named the same way most license plates are numbered? Construction is a field where your hard work is utilized by the community for generations. Why can’t the tool be fun to use and have on site? Our design blends the flash and function. Let the Kraken tear into concrete on your jobsite!

Want more details? Check out the specs below. If you still have questions feel free to contact us.

The last roto-hammer you will ever need

Don’t let job locations dissuade you from bidding on a project. Remodel labs, schools,
prisons, hospitals, office spaces, all are within reach. Work in the most sensitive areas utilizing new technology, make your competition envious of your capabilities!


Use The Kraken on every jobsite, your neighbors will thank you.