Release The Kraken

Unleash the tool of Legend

Built with the construction industry in mind, this tool brings the power of Ultrasonics to the construction forefront.


The Kraken is no longer just a sailors story

A Rotary Hammer designed to increase productivity and safety for every builder.

Ultrasonic power in the palm of your hand.

Utilizing NASA’s ultrasonic drilling technology used for exploring the depths of space you will immediately feel the difference

Minimize disruptions in occupied facilities.

Finally a quieter solution to traditional hammer drilling technology. Drill near occupied areas 24/7 without disturbing occupants

Relentless drilling capabilities.

Ultrasonic technology reduces the wear on your drill bit by up to 25%. Sharper bits allow your crews to maintains drilling efficiency longer.

The Kraken is quiet… Hear it for yourself.


A power tool that uses less Power.

The Kraken’s ultrasonic percussion system draws fewer amps than traditional rotary hammers. With a reduced energy consumption rate your battery packs last longer, reducing the number of battery packs your teams need to carry all day.

Still not convinced you need The Kraken in your tool box? Watch this.

  • Increase job site productivity

  • Reduce power consumption

  • Work all day or night

  • Stop going through so many drill bits

  • Save your ears for sweeter sounds

  • Use space-age technology like a pro

Bring The Kraken to your job site today.


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